Adidas Men's TOUR360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoe
Adidas Men's TOUR360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoe

Modern materials mix with traditional appearance to make the Adidas Men’s TOUR360 XT golf shoes comfortable on your feet and your eyes.

Good stability and traction in spike-less golf cleats! The Adidas Men’s TOUR360 XT shoes look similar to the previous Tour 360 Boost 2.0.

The clean and round shape tour has a classic look, and there are no mistaking Adidas’s iconic two stripes.

Features Adidas TOUR360 Golf Shoe

The side view blends the look of classic uppers and exposed boost foam to make modern, sleek golf shoes.

Flip the cleat over, and the design of the sloe makes a traction statement, despite being spike-less.

The multitude of Xs and tread depth gave me grip confidence before the first swing. The Adidas Men’s TOUR360 XT comes in 4 colorways – 3 variations on white and back.

Right out of the package, I had four noteworthy aspects – wiggle space in the toe box, secure and stable midfoot fit, exemplary arch support, and slightly raised heel.

Walking in the sneakers, three or more features came to mind: Wide, stable base, flex at the balls of the feet, and highly responsive cushioning.

Inside the gold shoe, the sock liner is very comfortable and smooth.

I love the leather heel lining with cushioning around the ankle, but like most Adidas sneakers I have owned over time, there is a slight play around my heels – remedied by sock selection.

Overall, sizing was posted; I remembered a break-in session or playing just a couple of holes the first wearing.

The slight forward and wide base tilt of the Adidas Men’s TOUR360 XT make my stance solid and well-grounded.

The 360 wraps and the Torsion X stability bar aim to harness and transfer energy in the swing.

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