callaway golf 2022 womens jaws raw wedge
callaway golf 2022 womens jaws raw wedge

The Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge is every golf enthusiast’s dream club, designed to deliver unmatched control and precision. Featuring the most aggressive groove in golf, this wedge promotes a controlled “one hop and stop” trajectory that’s bound to elevate your game. With its new raw face exposing the groove edge, it maximizes friction and spin, ensuring your shots land exactly where you want them. The offset Groove-in-Groove Technology and a muted toe pad reduce glare at address, making it as functional as it is sleek. Available in both Raw Face Chrome and Raw Black Plasma, this wedge is tailored to perfection for women golfers aiming for their best performance on the green. Have you ever wondered what it takes to perfect your short game? Whether you’re still getting to grips with chipping or you’re an advanced player looking for more control, the Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge promises to deliver an edge that could revolutionize your game.

Callaway Golf 2022 Womens Jaws Raw Wedge

See the Callaway Golf 2022 Womens Jaws Raw Wedge in detail.

Overview of the Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge

The Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge is not just another club to add to your golf bag. It’s designed to offer one of the most aggressive grooves in golf to promote a controlled “one hop and stop” trajectory. Imagine hitting that perfect chip shot that sticks exactly where you want it on the green. This wedge aims to make that a consistent reality.

Key Features and Technologies

The Jaws Raw Wedge is loaded with the latest technologies and features, designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game. Each feature, from the new raw face to the offset groove-in-groove technology, has been meticulously engineered to provide the ultimate in spin, control, and feel.

Feature Description Benefit
Aggressive Groove Promotes controlled “one hop and stop” trajectory Enhanced shot-making ability
Raw Face Exposes groove edge to promote maximum friction and spin Increased spin and control
Offset Groove-in-Groove Technology Provides more groove width Better grip on the ball for enhanced spin
Muted Toe Pad Reduces glare at address Improved focus and accuracy
Finish Options Available in Raw Face Chrome and Raw Black Plasma Aesthetic appeal and customization

Callaway Golf 2022 Women's Jaws Raw Wedge


Aggressive Groove and “One Hop and Stop” Trajectory

One of the standout features of the Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge is its aggressive groove, designed to promote a controlled “one hop and stop” trajectory. What does this mean for you? Well, it offers the ultimate precision. Once the ball hits the green, it makes one bounce and stops almost immediately, giving you a huge advantage when attacking pins.

Why Spin Matters

Spin isn’t just for show; it’s a crucial part of controlling your short game. Higher spin allows you more control over the ball’s behavior, especially on approaches and chips. With the Jaws Raw Wedge, you’ll notice that your ball stops closer to where you wanted it to land, reducing the guesswork involved in each shot.

Callaway Golf 2022 Womens Jaws Raw Wedge

Discover more about the Callaway Golf 2022 Womens Jaws Raw Wedge.

The Raw Face Technology

The raw face of this wedge exposes the groove edges, promoting maximum friction and therefore, maximizing spin. The focus here is on giving you the highest possible amount of control over each shot.

Benefits of a Raw Face

The exposed grooves bite into the ball better, providing enhanced spin and friction. This means you can be confident that your ball will behave more predictably, making it easier to dial in your shots. The raw face technology is a game-changer, particularly when conditions are less than ideal.

Offset Groove-in-Groove Technology

Offset groove-in-groove technology is all about providing more groove width. It’s a feature that is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to get the most spin and highest level of control from your shots.

Enhanced Spin Control

The increased groove width means more surface area is in contact with the ball at impact. This results in better grip on the ball, thus producing more spin. Essentially, it offers you more control with every shot.

Callaway Golf 2022 Womens Jaws Raw Wedge

Muted Toe Pad for Reduced Glare

A common issue with wedges is the glare that can come off the clubface when addressing the ball, particularly in bright conditions. Thankfully, the muted toe pad on the Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge reduces this glare, allowing for improved focus and accuracy.

Boosting Confidence

When you can see clearly, you can aim more accurately and confidently. Reducing glare is more than just a comfort feature; it directly impacts your ability to hit precise shots.

Beautiful Finish Options

Whether you prefer the classic look of Raw Face Chrome or the modern elegance of Raw Black Plasma, there’s a finish that will suit your style and aesthetic preferences.

Choose Your Style

Both finishes offer performance benefits, so the choice really comes down to personal preference. The Raw Face Chrome provides a more traditional look, while the Raw Black Plasma offers a contemporary touch. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be wielding a club that’s as stylish as it is effective.

Callaway Golf 2022 Womens Jaws Raw Wedge

User Experience

Using the Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge is a delightful experience for golfers at all skill levels. The club’s design intuitively feels right from the moment you start using it.

Ease of Use

The wedge feels balanced and perfectly weighted, making it easier to control your shots. The grip is comfortable and ensures that your hand doesn’t slip during your swing, providing an added layer of security.

Who Should Use This Wedge?

The Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge is suited for golfers of all levels who are looking to add more spin, control, and precision to their short game. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a competitive player, this wedge can help you better navigate the greens and improve your overall performance.

Breaking Down the Benefits

To make it easy to understand if this wedge is right for you, I’ve broken down its benefits by skill level:

Skill Level Benefit
Beginner Eases the transition to more advanced shot-making with high forgiveness
Intermediate Provides enhanced control and predictability for better scoring
Advanced Offers precision and maximum spin control for every shot

Callaway Golf 2022 Womens Jaws Raw Wedge

Real-World Performance

When put to the test in real-world conditions, the Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge doesn’t disappoint. Here’s a closer look at its performance metrics:

Spin and Control

The aggressive groove and raw face technologies combine to offer unparalleled spin. In my experience, it was easier to stick shots closer to the hole with less roll-out, reducing my putt distances.

Versatility Around the Green

Whether I was in rough, sand, or on the fairway, this wedge adapted beautifully. The versatility it offers means you only need one wedge to handle a variety of situations.

Comparisons with Other Wedges

While there are many wedges available in the market, the Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge stands out for several reasons.

Callaway Jaws vs. Competitors

Feature Jaws Raw Wedge Competitor A Competitor B
Groove Technology Aggressive Groove Standard Groove Micro Groove
Face Material Raw Face Polished Face Textured Face
Spin Rate High Spin Moderate Spin High Spin
Glare Reduction Muted Toe Pad No Glare Reduction Minimal Glare Reduction
Design Options Raw Chrome, Raw Black Single Color Single Color

My Take

When compared side-by-side with competitors, the Callaway Jaws Raw Wedge consistently delivers superior spin and control. The raw face and muted toe pad are features often overlooked by other manufacturers, making this wedge a unique and effective tool for any golfer’s bag.

Pros and Cons

Every product has its pros and cons, and it’s essential to consider these before making a purchase.


  • Unmatched Spin: The raw face and aggressive groove promote maximum spin and control.
  • Reduced Glare: The muted toe pad significantly reduces distracting glare.
  • Versatility: Performs well in various conditions, from sand to rough to fairways.
  • Stylish Options: Available in two attractive finishes.
  • Comfortable Grip: Offers a secure and comfortable grip, reducing swing errors.


  • Price Point: It’s on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Raw Face Maintenance: The raw face can rust over time, requiring extra care and maintenance.


The Callaway Golf 2022 Women’s Jaws Raw Wedge is a game-changer for golfers looking to improve their short game. With its cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design, it offers unparalleled performance and style. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get better control over your shots or an advanced player seeking the ultimate in spin and precision, this wedge is an excellent addition to your golf bag.

Investing in a quality wedge like the Jaws Raw Wedge can make a tangible difference in your game. So, next time you’re out on the course, give this exceptional club a try, and see for yourself the significant improvements it can bring to your play!

Get your own Callaway Golf 2022 Womens Jaws Raw Wedge today.

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