golf tees plastic affordable plastic golf tees 1
golf tees plastic affordable plastic golf tees 1

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable solution for your golfing needs? Look no further than Golf Tees Plastic. Our high-quality plastic golf tees are not only durable but also budget-friendly. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, our tees are designed to provide maximum performance and longevity on the golf course.

Say goodbye to continually purchasing expensive wooden tees that break easily, and say hello to our affordable plastic tees that will last you round after round. Don’t compromise on quality or price – choose Golf Tees Plastic for all your golf tee needs.

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Advantages of Plastic Golf Tees


Plastic golf tees are known for their durability. Unlike wooden tees that can easily break or splinter, plastic tees are designed to withstand the impact of a golf swing without breaking or causing damage. This durability ensures that the tee can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced, making it a cost-effective choice for golfers.


One of the significant advantages of plastic golf tees is their cost-effectiveness. Plastic tees are generally more affordable than other types of tees, such as wooden or bamboo tees. This affordability allows golfers to purchase more tees without straining their budget. Additionally, the longevity of plastic tees ensures that they can be reused multiple times, enhancing their cost-effectiveness.


Plastic golf tees offer versatility in terms of design and options. They are available in various lengths and heights, allowing golfers to choose the tee that best suits their needs and preferences. Additionally, plastic tees come in various colors and styles, allowing golfers to personalize their tees and stand out on the golf course.

Consistency in height

Consistency in teeing height is crucial for golfers as it ensures a level playing field and fair competition. Plastic tees offer the advantage of consistent teeing height, as they are designed to maintain the same height throughout multiple uses. This consistency allows golfers to focus on their swing and technique without worrying about adjusting the tee height for each shot.

Reduced risk of damage to golf clubs

Plastic golf tees are designed to be gentle on golf clubs. The smooth surface of plastic tees reduces the risk of scratching or damaging the clubhead during impact. This is especially important for golfers who invest in high-quality clubs and want to prolong their lifespan. With plastic tees, golfers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their clubs are protected with every swing.

Different Types of Plastic Golf Tees

Traditional plastic tees

Traditional plastic tees are the most common type and are widely used by golfers of all skill levels. They feature a simple design, with a straight plastic shaft and a small cup at the top to hold the golf ball. Traditional plastic tees are available in various lengths and heights, making them suitable for different clubs and swing styles.

Brush tees

Brush tees are a unique type of plastic tee that features a bristle brush instead of a traditional cup. The bristles hold the golf ball in place while minimizing the resistance upon contact with the clubface, resulting in less friction and longer drives. Brush tees are trendy among golfers looking to maximize their distance off the tee.

Flexible tees

Flexible tees are designed to absorb the impact of the clubhead during the swing, reducing the strain on the tee and minimizing the risk of breakage. These tees are made of a flexible plastic material that bends upon impact and then springs back into shape. Flexible tees offer excellent durability and shock absorption, making them suitable for golfers who want a tee that can withstand powerful swings.

Zero friction tees

Zero friction tees are designed to minimize the contact between the tee and the golf ball, reducing the amount of friction during the swing. This reduction in friction allows for less resistance and can result in longer and more accurate shots. Zero friction tees often feature a small cup or prongs to hold the golf ball securely in place while minimizing contact.

Features to Consider When Choosing Plastic Golf Tees

Material quality and durability

When choosing plastic golf tees, it is essential to consider the material quality and durability. Opt for tees made from high-quality plastic that can withstand the impact of a golf swing without breaking or causing damage. Look for tees specifically designed to be durable and long-lasting to ensure they can be used multiple times.

Length and height options

Consider the length and height options available when choosing plastic golf tees. Different golfers prefer different tee heights, and certain clubs may require specific ones for optimal performance. Look for tees that offer a range of length and height options to accommodate your preferences and club specifications.

Design and shape

The design and shape of a tee can affect its performance on the golf course. Consider factors such as the shape of the cup or bristles and any additional features or technologies incorporated into the design. Some tees may have a larger cup size for added stability, while others may have unique features to reduce friction or absorb impact.

Resistance to impact and breakage

Durability is an essential factor to consider when choosing plastic golf tees. Look for tees tested for impact resistance to ensure they can withstand a golf swing’s force without breaking. Avoid brittle or prone-to-snapping tees, as they may not hold well under regular use.

Ease of insertion into the ground

Consider the ease of insertion into the ground when choosing plastic golf tees. Look for tees with a sharp tip or flared base for easy insertion. Tees that are difficult to insert may slow down your pace of play and be frustrating to use. Choose tees that are designed for easy insertion into various types of terrain.

Golf Tees Plastic - Affordable Plastic Golf Tees

Golf Tee Size Guide

Standard tee sizes

Standard tee sizes generally range from 2.75 inches to 4 inches in length. These tees suit most golfers and can be used with various clubs. The ideal tee size for each golfer may vary based on personal preference, swing style, and club specifications.

Tee sizes for specific types of clubs

Certain clubs, like drivers, may require longer tees to achieve optimal positioning and launch angle. Drivers typically require tee sizes ranging from 2.75 inches to 4 inches or even longer. Depending on the golfer’s preference, Fairway Woods and hybrid clubs may require slightly shorter tees, ranging from 1.5 inches to 3 inches.

Choosing the right tee size for your swing

To choose the right tee size for your swing, consider your club choice, swing speed, and desired launch angle. Experiment with different tee sizes to find the one that allows you to achieve optimal contact with the ball and maximize distance. It is also essential to consider the rules and regulations of the golf course or tournament you are playing in, as there may be specific tee height restrictions.

Importance of Using Quality Plastic Golf Tees

Minimizing the risk of clubhead damage

High-quality plastic golf tees can minimize the risk of clubhead damage during impact. The smooth and durable surface of quality plastic tees reduces the likelihood of scratching or denting the clubface. By protecting the clubhead, golfers can extend the lifespan of their clubs and maintain their performance over time.

Enhancing ball stability and trajectory

Quality plastic golf tees can enhance ball stability and trajectory. Tees that provide a stable and consistent base for the ball can help golfers achieve more consistent and accurate shots. Additionally, sure tees, such as brush tees, can reduce friction and allow for optimized ball contact, resulting in longer, more controlled shots.

Consistency in teeing height

Consistency in teeing height is essential for maintaining a level playing field and fair competition. Quality plastic tees ensure that the teeing height remains consistent throughout multiple uses. This consistency allows golfers to focus on their swing and technique without the need to adjust the tee height for each shot.

Improving overall golf swing performance

Using quality plastic tees can contribute to overall golf swing performance. The stability and consistency offered by these tees can help golfers achieve better contact with the ball and maintain proper swing mechanics. Golfers can optimize their swing performance and maximize their potential by using a tee that suits their swing style and club specifications.

Tips for Properly Using Plastic Golf Tees

Inserting the tee at the desired angle

When using plastic golf tees, inserting the tee at the desired angle is essential. The angle at which the tee is inserted can affect the launch angle and trajectory of the shot. Experiment with different tee angles to find the best one for your swing and desired shot shape.

Ensuring the stability of the tee in the ground

To ensure stability, ensure the tee is firmly inserted into the ground. Push the tee down until it feels secure and stable. A loose or wobbly tee can affect your swing mechanics and impact the accuracy and distance of your shots. Take the time to properly insert the tee to ensure a solid foundation for your ball.

Placing the golf ball correctly on the tee

Proper ball placement on the tee is crucial for achieving optimal results. The ball should be placed in the center of the tee, with the logo or alignment mark facing the desired target. Placing the ball too high or too low on the tee can affect the trajectory and spin of the shot. Aim for a balanced and centered position for consistent ball flight.

Avoiding excessive force when teeing off

Although plastic tees are durable, avoiding excessive force when teeing off is essential. Hitting the ball too hard or aggressively can cause the tee to break or move, impacting the stability of your shot. Focus on a smooth and controlled swing, allowing the club head to make solid contact with the ball without unnecessary force.

Maintenance and Care for Plastic Golf Tees

Cleaning plastic tees

Cleaning plastic golf tees is a simple process. Rinse the tees with water to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated. Use a mild soap or detergent for stubborn stains, and gently scrub the tees with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and allow the tees to air dry before use or storage.

Inspection for damage or wear

Regularly inspect plastic golf tees for any signs of damage or wear. Look for cracks, splintering, or other signs of weakness that may affect the tee’s performance. Inspect the tip of the tee to ensure it is still sharp and in good condition for easy insertion into the ground.

Replacing worn or damaged tees

If a plastic golf tee shows signs of significant wear or damage, it is essential to replace it. Using worn or damaged tees can impact your swing mechanics and the stability of your shots. Keep a supply of extra tees on hand so you can easily replace any that are no longer in optimal condition.

Storage tips for longevity

To prolong the lifespan of plastic golf tees, store them in a dry and cool place. Avoid exposing the tees to extreme temperatures, as this can cause them to become brittle or warp. Consider using a tee holder or organizer to keep the tees organized and prevent them from getting lost or damaged.

How to Find Affordable Plastic Golf Tees

Comparing prices and options online

When searching for affordable plastic golf tees, use online shopping platforms. Compare prices from different sellers to find the best deals. Pay attention to any promotions or discounts that may be available, as these can significantly reduce the cost of the tees.

Looking for discounts and promotions

Watch for discounts and promotions offered by golf retailers and manufacturers. These promotions can provide opportunities to purchase plastic golf tees at a lower price. Sign up for newsletters or follow social media accounts of golf-related businesses to stay informed about upcoming sales or special offers.

Buying in bulk

Purchasing plastic golf tees in bulk can often lead to significant cost savings. Look for retailers or manufacturers that offer bulk discounts. Buying in bulk reduces the price per tee and ensures that you have an ample supply of tees, reducing the need for frequent restocking.

Exploring budget-friendly brands

Some golf brands offer budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. Explore different brands and their product offerings to find affordable plastic golf tees that meet your requirements. Read reviews and customer feedback to ensure that the tees are of good quality and perform well on the golf course.

Factors Affecting the Price of Plastic Golf Tees

Material quality

The material quality of plastic golf tees can affect their price. Tees made from higher-quality plastics that offer enhanced durability and performance often come at a slightly higher price point. However, investing in higher-quality tees can provide long-term cost savings by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Brand reputation

The brand’s reputation for manufacturing plastic golf tees can also impact their price. Well-established and reputable brands may charge a premium for their tees due to brand recognition and perceived quality. However, it is essential to evaluate the performance and features of the tees rather than solely relying on brand reputation when purchasing.

Design complexity

Tees with unique designs or additional features may come at a higher price. For example, brush tees or tees with specialized technologies may be priced slightly higher than traditional plastic tees. Consider whether the design or additional features are necessary for your specific needs, as opting for a more straightforward design can help keep the cost down.

Additional features or technologies

Plastic golf tees incorporating additional features or innovative technologies may have a higher price tag. These features can range from adjustable height options to anti-slip properties. Consider whether these additional features are essential for your game and whether they justify the higher price point.


When it comes to golf tees, plastic tees offer numerous advantages that make them popular among golfers. Their durability, cost-effectiveness, versatility, consistency in height, and reduced risk of clubhead damage make them a reliable option for golfers of all skill levels.

By understanding the different types of plastic tees available, considering essential features, and selecting the right tee size, golfers can optimize their performance on the course. Proper usage, maintenance, and care for plastic tees ensure their longevity, while affordable options and factors affecting their price allow golfers to make informed purchasing decisions.

With plastic golf tees, golfers can enjoy a reliable and cost-efficient solution for their teeing needs, enhancing their overall golfing experience.

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