TOUR Championship Final Round
TOUR Championship Final Round

In this article, you will discover just how much athletes are rewarded for their victory in the prestigious FedEx Cup.

As exhilarating and challenging as the tournament, the prize money for the winner is enough to make your jaw drop.

So, prepare to be amazed as we unveil the jaw-dropping amount that awaits the victor of the FedEx Cup.

Get ready because this figure truly showcases the immense value placed on golfing excellence, dedication, and skill.

How Much Do Players Get For Winning The FedEx Cup?

The FedEx Cup

Explanation of the FedEx Cup

The FedEx Cup is a championship culmination of the PGA Tour season. It consists of a series of tournaments where players earn points based on their performance.

The top 125 players in the FedEx Cup standings qualify for the playoffs, which feature a series of events that narrow down the field to the top 30 players. The final event is the Tour Championship, where the FedEx Cup winner is crowned.

The FedEx Cup provides an exciting climax to the season and rewards consistency and excellence throughout the year.

History of the FedEx Cup

The FedEx Cup was introduced in 2007 to create a more compelling end to the PGA Tour season. It replaced the previous system of determining the champion based on season-long earnings.

The FedEx Cup has evolved over the years, with changes to the format and prize money distribution.

The introduction of the playoffs added drama and excitement to the season’s final stretch, ensuring that the most deserving player is crowned as the FedEx Cup champion.

Prize Money Overview

Total Prize Pool

The prize money for the FedEx Cup is substantial and adds an extra layer of motivation for the players.

The total prize pool for the 2021 FedEx Cup is $60 million, one of the largest in golf. This significant amount of prize money reflects the prestige and importance of the tournament.

Distribution of Prize Money

The prize money for the FedEx Cup is distributed among the top finishers. The winner receives the largest share, followed by the runner-up and the players who finish in the top 30.

The distribution rewards consistent performance throughout the season and a strong finish in the playoffs.

The prize money distribution ensures that players are incentivized to perform their best and strive for a top position in the FedEx Cup standings.

The Winner’s Share

Amount for Winning the FedEx Cup

Winning the FedEx Cup is a matter of pride and prestige and a big payday. The winner of the FedEx Cup receives a substantial cash reward. In the 2021 FedEx Cup, the winner’s share of the prize money is a staggering $15 million.

This life-changing amount is a testament to the significance and prestige of the FedEx Cup, making it one of the most lucrative tournaments in the world of golf.

Comparison to Other Golf Tournaments

The amount awarded to the FedEx Cup winner exceeds the prize money of most other golf tournaments.

Only a few tournaments, such as the major championships, offer higher first-place prizes. The substantial winnings associated with winning the FedEx Cup add extra motivation and make it a highly sought-after title among professional golfers.

Runner-up Prizes

Prize for Second Place Finish

While winning the FedEx Cup is the ultimate goal, finishing as the runner-up also comes with an impressive prize.

The player who finishes in second place receives a significant amount of prize money as recognition for their outstanding performance throughout the season and playoffs.

In the 2021 FedEx Cup, the runner-up will take home $5 million, a substantial sum representing a substantial reward for their achievement.

Consolation Prizes

Aside from the runner-up prize, there are additional consolation prizes for players who finish in the top 30 of the FedEx Cup standings.

These prizes reward consistent performance and excellent play throughout the season. While not as substantial as the top prizes, they still provide a significant financial boost.

Consolation prizes range from $395,000 for 21st to 30th place to $867,000 for 11th to 20th place, providing further incentive for players to aim for a high finish.

How Much Do Players Get For Winning The FedEx Cup?

Top 30 Finish

Prize for Top 30 Players

Finishing in the top 30 of the FedEx Cup standings is a notable accomplishment. It guarantees entry into all major championships for the following season and secures exemptions for many other prestigious tournaments.

In addition to these benefits, players who finish in the top 30 also receive substantial prize money. The amount awarded increases with higher finishes, providing an extra incentive for players to strive for a top position in the standings.

Motivation for a High Finish

Aside from the financial rewards, finishing in the top 30 of the FedEx Cup significantly impacts a player’s career. It guarantees exemptions and invitations to some of the most prestigious tournaments in professional golf.

This can lead to increased exposure, endorsement opportunities, and further success on the course. The motivation to achieve a high finish in the FedEx Cup extends beyond the current season and can impact a player’s career trajectory.

Bonus Payouts

Additional Incentives for the Top Players

In addition to the prize money awarded for their overall finishing position, the top players in the FedEx Cup standings also have the opportunity to earn significant bonus payouts.

These bonus payouts are designed to reward consistently high-performing players further and excite the competition.

The bonus payouts provide an additional financial incentive for players to strive for a top position and perform their best throughout the playoffs.

Examples of Bonus Payouts

The specifics of the bonus payouts vary depending on a player’s overall performance. For example, the player who finishes first in the FedEx Cup standings after the regular season receives a $2 million bonus.

The top 10 players after the regular season also receive bonus payouts, ranging from $500,000 for the player in 2nd place to $180,000 for the player in 10th place.

These bonus payouts boost the players’ earnings and make the competition even more exciting.

How Much Do Players Get For Winning The FedEx Cup?

Previous Champions

List of Previous FedEx Cup Champions

Since its inception, the FedEx Cup has seen a prestigious list of champions. The past winners of the FedEx Cup include some of the biggest names in professional golf.

From Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy, these champions have showcased their skills and consistency throughout the season to earn the title of FedEx Cup champion.

Prize Money They Received

The prize money received by previous FedEx Cup champions has varied depending on the year and changes in the distribution structure.

However, the winners have consistently received substantial sums of money, reflecting the importance and prestige of the tournament.

The prize money received by previous champions is a testament to their exceptional play and status as the season’s best player.

Comparison to Other Golf Tournaments

Comparison to Majors

While the FedEx Cup offers a significant prize pool, major championships such as the Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship often offer a higher first-place prize.

These prestigious events have long-standing traditions and historical significance, contributing to their more considerable prize money.

However, the FedEx Cup’s prize money is still immensely substantial and ranks among the top tournaments regarding financial rewards for players.

Comparison to PGA Tour Events

Compared to regular PGA Tour events, the prize money for the FedEx Cup is significantly higher.

Regular PGA Tour events typically have prize pools of $6 to $10 million, with the winner’s share around $1 to $2 million.

The increased prize money of the FedEx Cup further highlights its significance and stature within professional golf.

How Much Do Players Get For Winning The FedEx Cup?

Tax Considerations

Tax Implications of Winning the FedEx Cup

Like any significant prize money, winning the FedEx Cup has tax implications. The prize money received is generally subject to federal and state taxes.

The tax rate varies depending on the player’s country of residence and tax laws. Players must consult with tax professionals to ensure proper reporting and compliance with tax regulations.

State and Federal Taxes

The prize money from winning the FedEx Cup is subject to state and federal taxes. The tax rates differ based on the player’s state of residence and the specific tax laws in that jurisdiction.

Players must know the tax obligations associated with their prize money and take appropriate steps to meet their tax responsibilities.


Summary of Prize Money Structure

The FedEx Cup offers one of the most substantial prize pools in professional golf, with $60 million up for grabs in 2021. The winner of the FedEx Cup receives a life-changing sum of $15 million, and the runner-up is awarded $5 million.

In addition to these significant prizes, the top 30 players in the standings receive substantial prize money, further rewarding their consistent performance throughout the season.

Importance of the FedEx Cup in Golf

The FedEx Cup has become an integral part of the PGA Tour season, providing an exciting climax and capturing the attention of golf fans worldwide.

It offers not only substantial prize money but also exemptions, invitations, and opportunities for exposure that can shape a player’s career.

The FedEx Cup represents the pinnacle of success in the PGA Tour season and is eagerly anticipated by players and fans alike.

How Much Do Players Get For Winning The FedEx Cup?

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