orlimar tangent t1 putter mens review
orlimar tangent t1 putter mens review

In this article, we are excited to share with you the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter, designed specifically for men who golf with their right hand. This high-quality putter boasts a high MOI design, ensuring added forgiveness and increased stability during your game. With its offset hosel, called the plumber’s neck hosel, your hands will always be positioned ahead of the putter, allowing for more control and accuracy. The soft TPU face insert provides a superior feel at impact, enhancing your overall putting experience. Additionally, the contrasting bi-color sightline aids in improved alignment, enabling you to line up your shots more effectively. As a delightful bonus, this putter comes with a free headcover, ensuring your investment is protected and ready to impress on the golf course. Get ready to elevate your putting game with the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter!

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover

Discover more about the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover.

Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to improving your golf game, having the right equipment is essential. That’s why we highly recommend considering the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover. This putter is designed to enhance your putting performance and help you sink more putts with ease.

With extensive scientific research and evidence supporting its effectiveness, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter is backed by a multitude of satisfied customers. Additionally, this product boasts relevant certifications and endorsements, further enhancing its credibility in the golfing community.

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover

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Features and Benefits

High MOI Design – For Added Forgiveness

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter features a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) design, which provides added forgiveness. This means that even if you don’t make perfect contact with the ball, the putter is engineered to minimize the negative impact on your shot, helping you maintain accuracy and consistency.

Plumber’s Neck Hosel – Hands Ahead of the Putter

One of the standout features of this putter is its plumber’s neck hosel. This offset hosel ensures that your hands are positioned ahead of the putter head at impact, promoting a more controlled and stable stroke. By having your hands in the ideal position, you can make smoother strokes and improve your overall putting performance.

Soft TPU Face Insert – Enhanced Feel at Impact

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter is equipped with a soft TPU face insert. This unique feature not only provides a satisfying feel at impact but also enhances feedback, allowing you to gauge your stroke with precision. The result is a putter that not only performs exceptionally but also provides an enjoyable and responsive feel during your rounds.

Contrasting Bi-Color Sightline – Improved Alignment

To improve alignment and ensure accurate strokes, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter incorporates a contrasting bi-color sightline. This visually striking feature helps you align the putter head to your target with ease, minimizing misalignment and giving you the confidence to make confident strokes on the green.

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover

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Product Quality

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter guarantees exceptional quality. The putter is engineered to withstand the rigors of the golf course, providing durability that ensures long-lasting performance. You can trust in the quality craftsmanship of this putter to elevate your game for years to come.

What It’s Used For

Achieve Consistent Putting

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter is designed to help golfers of all skill levels achieve consistent and accurate putting. Whether you’re a beginner looking to refine your skills or an experienced player aiming for precision, this putter is the perfect tool to elevate your putting game.

Enhance Putting Distance Control

With its high MOI design and balanced weight distribution, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter promotes optimal distance control. This allows you to achieve smoother strokes and accurately gauge the power needed to reach each target. Say goodbye to those frustrating short or long putts, as this putter aids in achieving the perfect distance with every stroke.

Improve Alignment and Accuracy

The contrasting bi-color sightline featured on the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter aids in alignment and accuracy. By providing a clear target path for your eyes, this feature minimizes misalignment and ensures consistently accurate strokes. With improved alignment, you can confidently aim for your target and sink more putts effortlessly.

Experience Enhanced Feel and Feedback

The soft TPU face insert of the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter delivers enhanced feel and feedback at impact. This feature allows you to develop a better sense of your stroke, enabling you to make adjustments for optimal results. The responsive feedback from the putter face ensures a smooth and controlled stroke, giving you more control over your putting performance.

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover

Product Specifications

Specifications Details
Hand Orientation Right Hand
Shaft Material Steel
Club Type Putter
Headcover Free Headcover Included
Hosel Type Offset Plumber’s Neck
Face Insert Material Soft TPU
Sightline Contrasting Bi-Color
Forgiveness High MOI Design

Who Needs This

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter is a must-have for any golfer who is serious about improving their putting game. Whether you’re a recreational player looking to enhance your accuracy or a seasoned golfer aiming for that competitive edge, this putter is designed to meet your needs. Suitable for both beginners and professionals, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter caters to golfers of all skill levels.

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover

Pros and Cons


  • High MOI design for added forgiveness
  • Plumber’s neck hosel for improved hand position
  • Soft TPU face insert for enhanced feel at impact
  • Contrasting bi-color sightline for improved alignment
  • Free headcover included


  • Right-hand orientation only
  • Steel shaft may not be preferred by all players


  1. Is the headcover included with the putter?

    • Yes, a free headcover is included to protect your putter when not in use.
  2. Can left-handed players use this putter?

    • Unfortunately, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter is only available for right-handed players.
  3. Does the putter come with any warranty?

    • Yes, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover

What Customers Are Saying

Customers are delighted with the performance of the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter. They rave about the improved accuracy and consistency they experienced on the green. Many customers also highlight the great feel and feedback provided by the soft TPU face insert, making their putting stroke more enjoyable. The inclusion of a free headcover is also appreciated, ensuring the longevity of the putter.

Overall Value

Considering its performance, quality, and price, the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter offers excellent value for any golfer seeking to improve their putting game. With its advanced features and benefits, this putter delivers exceptional value for money while providing golfers with the tools they need to take their putting to the next level.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To make the most out of your Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter, keep these tips in mind for best results:

  1. Practice regularly with the putter to improve your feel and consistency.
  2. Focus on proper alignment and utilize the contrasting bi-color sightline to enhance accuracy.
  3. Master the correct hand position using the offset plumber’s neck hosel.
  4. Pay attention to the soft TPU face insert’s feedback to refine your stroke.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter is a top-quality golf club that brings together advanced features, exceptional performance, and durability. Its high MOI design, offset plumber’s neck hosel, soft TPU face insert, and contrasting bi-color sightline work in harmony to enhance your putting game like never before. With a free headcover included, this putter is an incredible value for any golfer seeking to improve their putting performance.

Final Recommendation

We highly recommend the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover to golfers of all skill levels. Its superior performance, durability, and affordable price make it a standout choice in the world of golf. Elevate your putting game and experience the joy of sinking more putts confidently with the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter.

Check out the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover here.

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