rtx6 zipcore bks 56 low rh na 1
rtx6 zipcore bks 56 low rh na 1

Introducing the latest in golfing technology, the RTX6 Zipcore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA wedge is designed with the avid golfer in mind. This innovative wedge boasts several state-of-the-art features that elevate your game. The HydraZip blast and laser-milled line system enhances friction to maximize spin, ensuring top performance in any condition. Its matte finish significantly reduces glare, providing clear visibility on every strike. ZipCore technology revolutionizes the core design, offering up to 95% more ZipCore material for increased spin, distance, consistency, feel, and control. And with UltiZip grooves that are sharper, deeper, and more closely spaced, this wedge ensures unprecedented spin and shot consistency. Whether you’re on the fairway or near the green, the RTX6 Zipcore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA delivers excellence with every swing. Have you ever found yourself struggling to achieve consistent spin and control around the greens? If you’ve been hunting for the perfect wedge to elevate your short game, let me introduce you to the “RTX6 ZipCore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA.”

RTX6 Zipcore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA

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Key Features

In this section, let’s discuss the standout features that make the RTX6 ZipCore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA a must-have for any golf enthusiast. Each of these features works synergistically to improve your game, from increasing spin and control to enhancing consistency and feel.


The HydraZip technology is genuinely a game-changer. This dynamic blast and laser-milled line system creates an unparalleled roughness to enhance friction. You might wonder, why friction? Well, friction translates into more spin, which is crucial whether you’re in dry or wet conditions. From anywhere around the green, you can anticipate better control and shot consistency. Another added plus—visually, the RTX 6 ZipCore wedge faces are more matte than the previous generation, reducing that annoying glare at address and making it easier for the face to stand out from the hosel and toe par.


Now, let’s dive into ZipCore, the proprietary low-density core technology. Imagine a core that has evolved exponentially, offering up to 95% more ZipCore material compared to previous versions. This unique feature optimizes the CG (center of gravity) exactly where you strike the ball. What does that mean for you? Increased spin, distance, and consistency, along with an enhanced feel and control on every shot. Adding to the benefits, the MOI (moment of inertia) has been increased by up to 20%, making this wedge incredibly forgiving.


UltiZip grooves are worth their weight in gold. These grooves are sharper, deeper, and more tightly spaced than usual. They slice through debris and bite harder into the ball, augmenting spin and control. By channeling more debris, these grooves ensure better shot consistency. They are also set closer together, allowing room to fit two more grooves on the face—maximizing edge contact and delivering superior spin performance.

RTX6 Zipcore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA

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Performance on the Green

Performance is where the rubber meets the road—or in our case, where the ball meets the clubface. How does this wedge truly perform when you’re out on the course?


One of the most noticeable improvements is the spin. Thanks to the HydraZip technology, the enhanced friction allows you to achieve maximum spin from any lie, be it on the fairway, rough, or even the bunker. I found that even in wet conditions, the wedge performed impeccably, maintaining its spin rate and not letting me down when I needed it the most.

Control and Consistency

Control is another strong suit. The ZipCore technology ensures that the center of gravity is perfectly aligned, giving you a consistent feel and a predictable flight path. With each swing, you can feel the clubhead making clean contact with the ball, and the increased MOI helps minimize mishits. In my experience, this wedge delivers extraordinary consistency, making it easier to trust and rely on.


There’s a certain satisfaction you get from a buttery-smooth impact, and this wedge delivers that in spades. The low-density core material contributes to a soft feel, making it easier to gauge your shots. Every time you make contact, you’re met with a tactile response that assures you’ve made the right swing.

RTX6 Zipcore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA

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Design and Appearance

The design and aesthetics of a golf wedge aren’t just about looks; they also contribute to your overall performance and confidence on the course. Let’s break down the design elements.

Matte Finish

First off, the RTX6 ZipCore wedge comes with a matte finish that significantly reduces glare at address. This small but critical design element ensures that the wedge stands out clearly, letting you set up your shots more confidently. I’ve noticed that this reduction in glare can significantly impact your focus, especially on sunny days.

Grooves and Face Texture

The UltiZip grooves not only look sharp but function even better. The closer spacing and deeper indents provide an edge over other wedges, visible as soon as you look at the face. This distinct design isn’t just for show; it plays a pivotal role in how the wedge performs in various conditions.

Table of Features

For those who prefer a quick reference, here’s a breakdown of the key features and benefits:

Feature Description Benefit
HydraZip Dynamic blast and laser-milled line system Maximized spin and control in any condition
ZipCore Proprietary low-density core technology Improved consistency, feel, and control
UltiZip Grooves Sharper, deeper, and tighter grooves Enhanced spin, reduced debris interference
Matte Finish Non-glare design Improved focus and confidence
Increased MOI Up to 20% more MOI than the previous generation Greater forgiveness
Optimized CG Center-of-gravity placement right where you strike the ball Consistent feel and flight

RTX6 Zipcore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA

Real-World Use

To bring this review full circle, let me share some of my real-world experiences with this wedge.

Around the Greens

Around the greens, this wedge is a beast. Whether I was dealing with tight lies or fluffy rough, the RTX6 ZipCore performed admirably. The increased friction and sharper grooves ensured that even my delicate chip shots had enough spin to stop quickly on the green.

In the Bunker

Bunker shots can often be the bane of a golfer’s existence, but this wedge alleviates a lot of that anxiety. The deeper UltiZip grooves easily sliced through the sand, generating the kind of lift and spin needed to escape those dreaded traps effortlessly.

Approach Shots

For approach shots, the RTX6 ZipCore offers the kind of distance control that builds confidence. You can rely on this wedge to deliver precise, repeatable distances, allowing you to attack the flag with assurance.

Pros and Cons

While this wedge boasts numerous advantages, it’s balanced to consider any potential drawbacks.


  • Maximized Spin: Thanks to HydraZip and UltiZip, you can expect unparalleled spin and control.
  • Increased MOI: Boosts forgiveness on mishits.
  • Optimized CG: Ensures consistent performance and flight.
  • Reduced Glare: Matte finish helps you focus better at address.
  • Improved Feel: Soft yet responsive feel on every shot.


  • Cost: Premium features often come with a premium price tag.

RTX6 Zipcore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA


The “RTX6 ZipCore BKS 56 Low+ RH NA” is undeniably a phenomenal wedge that brings numerous benefits to your short game. From HydraZip’s friction-enhancing technology to the ultra-efficient UltiZip grooves, every feature is designed to offer maximum performance. Add to that an aesthetically pleasing design with a practical matte finish, and you have a wedge worth every bit of its premium price tag. Whether you’re struggling with spin, control, or consistency, this wedge will likely become your go-to around the greens. Give it a try and experience the difference firsthand—you won’t be disappointed.

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