What Should You Not Wear On A Golf Course
What Should You Not Wear On A Golf Course

When it comes to hitting the green, dressing the part is not just about looking stylish – it’s about showing respect for the time-honored traditions of the game.

In this article, we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of golf course fashion, focusing specifically on what outfits should be left behind in the locker room.

From avoiding flashy accessories to opting for appropriate footwear, we’ll guide you through the unwritten rules of golf attire, ensuring you look like a pro while you conquer the fairways. So, lace up your golf shoes, and let’s tee off on this sartorial journey!

Inappropriate Footwear

Sneakers and Running Shoes

Regarding footwear, confident choices can be deemed inappropriate for various settings, including the golf course. While sneakers and running shoes may be comfortable and practical for everyday activities, they are generally not considered acceptable attire for golfing.

The primary reason is that these shoes lack the support and traction required for the sport. The uneven terrain and grassy surfaces on the golf course demand footwear designed explicitly for golfing, such as shoes with spikes or soft spikes. Choosing the proper footwear enhances your performance and stability and helps preserve the condition of the course.

High Heels or Platform Shoes

On the opposite end of the footwear spectrum, high heels and platform shoes should also be avoided when stepping onto the golf course. These types of shoes, while elegant and fashionable in many settings, pose several risks on the golf course.

The narrow heels of high heels can quickly sink into the grass, causing discomfort and impairing your stability while swinging. Furthermore, the elevated platform sole in platform shoes can throw off your balance and potentially damage the turf. Opting for more appropriate golf or flat-soled athletic shoes is best to ensure a safe and enjoyable golfing experience.



Denim has become a staple in many wardrobes, providing comfort and style. However, when it comes to golfing, jeans are generally not considered appropriate attire. The thick and heavy material of jeans can restrict your movements during the game, hindering your swing and overall performance. Additionally, denim is not designed to provide the breathability and moisture-wicking qualities required for physical activities like golfing. It is advisable to choose lightweight and flexible trousers or shorts made of breathable fabrics that allow for ease of movement and help keep you cool on the course.

Denim Shorts or Skirts

Similar to jeans, denim shorts or skirts are not recommended for golfing. While they may seem like a comfortable and casual option, denim shorts and skirts restrict your range of motion and can limit your ability to execute proper golf swings.

The fabric may also cause discomfort and chafing during hot and humid weather conditions. Opting for golf-specific shorts or skirts made from lightweight and stretchable materials will ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement on the golf course.

T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Graphic Tees

While it is common to see people sporting graphic tees in everyday situations, they are generally inappropriate for a golf course environment. Graphic tees, which often feature bold and eye-catching designs or slogans, can be perceived as casual and distracting.

The traditions and etiquette of golf call for a more refined and modest appearance. Instead, choose collared or polo shirts, more commonly associated with golfing attire. These shirts provide a polished and put-together look and allow for better ventilation and moisture management.

Sleeveless Shirts

In warmer weather, wearing sleeveless shirts to stay cool on the golf course can be tempting. However, sleeveless shirts, particularly those with large armholes or spaghetti straps, are generally considered inappropriate for golfing.

They can be seen as too casual and may compromise the modesty expected in golf attire. Opting for shirts with short sleeves or lightweight, breathable fabrics will ensure your comfort while adhering to proper golfing etiquette.


Baseball Caps

Regarding headwear, baseball caps are a common sight in various outdoor activities. While they may offer protection from the sun, they are not the most suitable choice for a golfing environment.

Golf is a sport that emphasizes tradition and sophistication, and baseball caps can be seen as too casual or sporty for the golf course. Instead, consider opting for golf-specific hats like visors or wide-brimmed hats that offer similar sun protection while adhering to the more traditional golfing attire.


While beanies are popular during colder seasons, they are not suitable headwear for the golf course. Beanies, typically made of thicker materials, can be seen as too casual and informal.

Additionally, their snug fit may interfere with wearing a golf-specific hat or cap properly. If the weather calls for warmth, choose a hat made of moisture-wicking and insulating material that provides both style and functionality while conforming to the proper golfing dress code.



When planning a day at the beach or pool, a bikini may be the perfect choice. However, it is essential to note that this type of swimwear is unsuitable for a golf course setting. The minimal coverage and revealing nature of bikinis do not align with the modesty expected in golf attire. Moreover, the movement and activity involved in golfing may cause discomfort or even wardrobe malfunctions while wearing a bikini. Instead, opt for one-piece swimsuits or golf-specific swimwear that offers functionality and appropriate coverage.

Board Shorts

While board shorts are popular for many water-related activities, they are not ideal for a golf course environment. Board shorts typically have a loose and baggy fit that may interfere with your range of motion during the golf swing. Additionally, the longer length of board shorts may be seen as too casual or distracting in a golf setting. Choosing swim shorts with a tailored fit and golf-appropriate length will provide the necessary comfort and style while conforming to the proper golfing dress code.

Athletic Attire

Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys are emblematic of team loyalty and are commonly worn by fans to show support during games. However, they are not appropriate attire for the golf course. Golfing is a sport that emphasizes personal style, tradition, and etiquette, and sports jerseys are generally considered too casual and unrelated to the game. Opt for collared or polo shirts that provide a more polished and appropriate golfing look while allowing for comfort and ease of movement.

Track Pants

Although comfortable and widely worn for athletic activities, track pants are not suitable for golfing. The loose and baggy fit of track pants can interfere with your movements during the golf swing, potentially affecting your performance. Additionally, track pants may not be made from materials that offer the necessary breathability and moisture-wicking properties for physical activities like golfing. Instead, choose golf-specific pants or trousers that provide a tailored fit and are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics to enhance your performance and ensure optimal comfort on the golf course.

Clothing with Offensive Language

Shirts with Explicit Graphics

Clothing with explicit graphics or inappropriate imagery is never suitable for any occasion, including the golf course. Such designs can be offensive, disrespectful, or distracting to others. Golf courses are designed to provide a serene and enjoyable environment for all players, and adhering to proper etiquette and respect is essential. Instead, choose clothing with neutral or tasteful designs that promote a sense of harmony and inclusivity on the golf course.

Vulgar Slogans

Similar to shirts with explicit graphics, clothing with vulgar slogans should be avoided on the golf course. Slogans with offensive language or crude expressions have no place in a setting emphasizing respect, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Choose attire that promotes positivity and professionalism, aligning with the principles of the sport and creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all players.

Cargo Shorts/Pants

Excessive Pockets

Cargo shorts and pants may be convenient and provide ample storage space for personal belongings. However, on the golf course, they are generally considered unsuitable attire. The excessive pockets on cargo shorts or pants can create a bulky and unkempt appearance that deviates from the traditional golfing aesthetic. Opt for golf-specific shorts or pants that offer functional pockets without sacrificing style or disrupting the clean lines of your outfit.

Bulky Appearance

In addition to the excess pockets, cargo shorts, and pants can create a bulky appearance that may hinder your range of motion during the golf swing. The added weight and loose fit of cargo-style bottoms can restrict your movements and affect your performance on the course. Choosing well-fitted shorts or pants made from lightweight and flexible fabrics will provide comfort and ensure unrestricted movement, allowing you to focus on your game without any unnecessary distractions.

Low-cut or Revealing Tops

Low-cut Blouses

While it is essential to feel comfortable and confident on the golf course, adhering to appropriate dress codes is equally important. Low-cut blouses that expose excessive cleavage are generally considered inappropriate for golfing. Golf is a sport that emphasizes modesty and maintaining a respectful atmosphere. Opt for tops with higher necklines or collared shirts that provide a more elegant and polished look while conforming to the traditional golfing attire.

Crop Tops

Crop tops, which have become increasingly popular in casual wear, are unsuitable for golfing due to their revealing nature. Golf attire aims to balance functionality and style, and crop tops do not meet this criterion. The exposed midriff can be seen as distracting or overly casual in a golf setting. Instead, choose tops that offer coverage and versatility, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident while adhering to the appropriate dress code on the golf course.

Pajamas or Sleepwear

Pajama Pants

While pajama pants may be cozy and suitable for bedtime, they are not an appropriate choice for the golf course. Pajama pants are typically designed for comfort and relaxation within the confines of one’s home, and wearing them on the golf course may give off the impression of a lack of effort or respect for the sport. Opt for golf-specific pants or trousers designed to provide comfort and style suitable for the golfing environment.


While undoubtedly comfortable and cozy after a shower or before bed, bathrobes are far from appropriate attire for the golf course. Bathrobes are exclusively meant for indoor use and are not designed to be worn outdoors, let alone for a physical activity like golfing. Choosing suitable golf attire that reflects the respect and seriousness of golf demands while promoting comfort and ease of movement is essential.

In conclusion, it is essential to consider the appropriate attire when stepping onto a golf course.

By avoiding inappropriate choices such as sneakers, high heels, jeans, graphic tees, baseball caps, swimwear, athletic attire, clothing with offensive language, cargo shorts/pants, revealing tops, and pajamas or sleepwear, you will not only adhere to the etiquette and traditions of golf but also ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, and respectful experience for yourself and those around you.

Remember, golf is not only a sport, but also a social and recreational activity that brings people together, and proper attire plays a significant role in establishing a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere on the course.

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